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Cutthroat Art World

...just a lil gem for my fellow artist. You may not know your worth, but know that you do have worth! if you’re just starting out in the game or have recently been commissioned to work on project for other artist...follow your heart, trust your gut, and never fall victim. Everyone in the game is out for self. So trust that your work is valuable if you’re constantly getting clients and charge according. Last thing you want is for someone to make tons of money off of your work while you’re getting bare min. Don’t offer free services unless its not-for-profit - and be sure to claim not-for-profit work on your taxes. Don’t overextend yourself for a client that isn’t willing to extend their budget. And be sure to ask as many questions as you can before solidifying and agreement. I’ve had to learn the hard way about trusting people to have my best interest at heart. As artist, we take losses. Learn from those lessons. Be better. Be great. Be Art.

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