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Mural at Skyland Park

Park Hill : Denver, CO

This fall (2022) I was commissioned by Park Hill Financial District, 303Artway, Trust for Public Land, and the City of Denver to paint a mural on the basketball court at Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center. Three of my designs were presented to the community, and my rendition of Chauncey Billups won the vote. What an honor to be able to stamp my own beautiful neighborhood with my art. The project was featured in the Greater Park Hill newspaper (capturing Community Paint Day) and also on Denver ABC 7-News


Trust the Process

Having never painted a basketball court before, initially having no funding, and no real understanding of the permit and permissions requirements...the idea seemed a bit far fetched. But however long and hard the road, you must be willing to endure with perseverance until you can claim sweet victory. After a ka'drillion meetings, email correspondence, phone calls and art revisions, we finally received funding and the project was a GO. Denver was cold as hell when I arrived, but it warmed up the very next day. Had issues obtaining materials, but fortunately we prevailed. Back pain, knee aches, and mental exhaustion, but it was all worth it in the end. I wish that I could take full credit, but there were so many awesome individuals and community resources that aided in the success of this project. Thank you, Jack Price, Jannah Farooque, Kim & Valerie Boling, Ray & Faye Billups, Trevon Wilkerson, Vincent Owens, WillFixed LLC, Defy and the Park Hill community.

The Art

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